The Industrial Vending Solution

The Industrial Vending Solution

VendaWorks Mobile Industrial Storeroom Trailers offers industrial vending solutions for even the toughest environments. Employees need easy and secure access to safety materials and tools and food on the job site. VendaWorks “Mobile Automated Systems” roll into Shut Downs, Man Camps, Military Sites, Mining Camps, Nuclear Power Plants, Disaster Relief Areas and Construction/Building sites delivering solutions:

  • WORK SUPPLIES: Consider the fast-turn dispensing of work supplies. Automated machines stock your company’s inventory of tools and equipment including heavy- usage products such as safety hand, eye and garment protection gear, batteries and tools just to name a few. Automated management software tracks tools and supplies while monitoring inventory control. Products are dispensed to the applicable employees, while the tracking system follows the who, when and where on the use and return of the products.
  • FOOD: Once the automated machines are stocked the 24-7 business runs itself. Combination vending machines can be loaded with meals, snacks and beverages serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to workers. Feeding the multitudes in short order via self-serve lines is the solution needed for work force catering while meeting their allotted time-frame. The trailer can accommodate microwaves and condiment stands on shelving located over the wheel wells for the added convenience.
  • SECURITY: Rugged conditions require heavy duty equipment and added security. VendaWorks trailers are equipped with dual locking system on doors/awnings for added protection of equipment when not in use. Vending machines are bolted to the floor of the trailer and to each other eliminating the ability to manhandle the machines. Wheel locks, security alarms and added lighting are options offered to complete the security package.
  • POWER SUPPLY: VendaCarts standard trailers are outfitted with 110 or 220 volt electrical service with a twenty five foot shore cord. Generators and gas tanks can be added as an option which allows for the opportunity to locate on any job site regardless of available power. We also manufacture safety cages for secure generator storage.

Locations Served:

  • Shut Downs
  • Man Camps
  • Military Sites
  • Mining Camps
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Disaster Relief Areas
  • Construction / Building Sites