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Now Clutch Effects is available on a VendaCarts Trailer!

Over the last 14+ years Carts Blanche has lead the charge to mobilize automated retail. Now that Carts Blanche has partnered with Clutch Effects, every VendaCarts trailer can now be  managed like an e-commerce marketplace!

Vending Machines - Smart Lockers and Kiosks - Smart Fridges and Coolers - ATMs - DVD Rental - Key Duplication - Currency Exchange - Cell Phone Recycle - Photo Booth - Gas Pump - EV Charging - And More!

Who is Clutch Effects?

The Clutch Effects Marketplace is the world's first Automated Retail System integrated marketplace! In addition, the Clutch Effects Marketplace is powered by the Clutch Effects Platform, which is agnostic to the automated retail system. What this means is that the Clutch Effects Team uses this one platform to manage, control, and update systems whether they are Vending Machines, Smart Kiosks, ATMs, Smart Lockers, Gas Pumps, Laundromat Equipment, and so on. The Clutch Effects Team makes Staff, Customers, and Students aware of where products are available for automated distribution, where delivery of products is available from automated retail systems, and/or where a service can be provided via an automated retail system. 

At the end of the day, the Clutch Effects Team is focused on bringing the world of automated retail to retailers and service providers in the most efficient ways possible. The efficiency that the Clutch Effects team provides translates immeasurable value to the organizations, students, and consumers who take advantage of this technology.

It's all about the benefits!


Clutch Effects is available on any device with an internet connection, and systems can be activated even without an internet connection.


In one place employees, students, and consumers can know where products and services are available, and how much is available.


Clutch Effects provides the delivery flexibility regardless of where and how a product or service is to be received. No longer is service delivery "Traditional".

What does this mean for you?


Global Rewards such as Clutch Effects Bonus Points, and Global Promotions can be applied to every system located on your VendaCarts Trailers!

be found

Now you can have customers routed to you, and new customers will be made aware of the services which you provide on your VendaCarts Trailers!


With the Clutch Effects Team, support is now available for your in-store, online, and mobile inventory.
One call for them all!


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