Start Rolling into New Markets for More Sales and Increased Revenue!

Todd Westby, the former CEO of Three Square Market, talks with Tony about how he and his brother Tim built their more than 20-year business. 

Listen to learn how they went from vending, to corrections, to technology, and where he sees his interests going in the future.



Carts Blanche, LLC and Three Square Market partner to bring you the latest business opportunity in mobile automated retail. “Self-Pay Markets” combining the Cooler Cafe TM from Three Square Market with VendaCarts kiosks for a perfect convergence of retail convenience. The mobile real-estate of VendaCarts and the latest in smart fridge technology from Three Square Market delivers food and beverage products to people in places not served before by automated retail sales.

Universities, Building Sites, Construction Areas, Shut Downs, Remote Locations, Disaster Relief Areas and more can be served 24/7/365. Our partnership strengthens the means to facilitate business leaders who are looking to expand into new marketplaces while offering the latest in innovation.

About us

Three Square Market (32M) is a self-pay technology software and cabinetry company who specializes in micro markets and self-checkout stores. Together with our cooler/freezer brand, Norm Technology, we aim to provide all the makings of your self-checkout location. Based in River Falls, WI, 32M is a global leader in the self-pay arena, with an ancillary office in Colehill UK, just outside of Birmingham. We strive to bring the latest technology and innovative design to match your needs. 

Shop where you Live, Work, Play!

Self-Pay Markets are the next big trend in retail! It's all about instant satisfaction. 

32M, is a self-checkout software company, and we use our patented software on our custom kiosks to help you accomplish the market of your dreams!

Re-Evaluate, Redefine, Redesign!

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An Intuitive Software Company

Our software is so much more than a simple checkout system!

We've built-in inventory intelligence, security options, an advertising platform, and the ability to manage and use loyalty and rewards opportunities within your market on your kiosk or on our mobile app.

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Creating The Experience

A market system will help you create an experience for your customers to enjoy. 

Leading them to come back again and again. 

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Be Our Partner

Our goal is to provide high-quality products that align with our partners' needs. 

We pride ourselves on providing professional customer service and top-innovation!

Solutions that are Practical and Effective and Reconfigurable

Retail Renegades

Retail Renegades is a podcast about the latest innovations in vending technology and the deviation from the norm in our industry. 

Tony interviews operators and experts in the industry to bring you advice, experience and much more! 

Mobile Convenience Redefines Business and Lives!


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