Wheels added to vending machines = new venue Space

Mobile, AL, May 8th, 2020 Carts Blanche, LLC adds “WHEELS to Vending” opening up thousands of new locations for robotic sales to roll into while serving a high customer base for increased product revenue. 


“The interchangeability design of VendaCarts mobile automated retail stores offer virtually limitless opportunities for automated retail sales. The combination of up to 34 revenue streams on our 26’, 208 sq. ft. VendaCarts trailer, with a single person operation and unlimited locations to wheel into takes vending to a new level,” say’s Annette Nolan, Founder and CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC. 


VendaCarts is the vehicle that opens up new territory in locations such as: outdoor events, university settings, disaster relief areas, military installations, man camps, construction sites and street vending in cities all across the globe. 


Companies around the world are open to new ways of doing business in non-traditional territories. Mobile retail real-estate is a cost-effective business solution that delivers self-serve options of all vendible products to consumers where they live, work and play. 


“We work collaboratively with our customers to select all equipment and optional components they may need to run their business successfully,” Nolan commented.  “Our trailers are built from the ground up per order and are heavy duty construction.” 


VendaCarts mobile automated retail businesses integrate a combination of technologically packaged automated machines, ATM’s, microwaves, TV and digital signage screens and condiment stands for a robust business model. 


Through radical innovation and design Carts Blanche has developed customized mobile automated commerce solutions for the concession, vending and catering industries. 


ABOUT Carts Blanche, LLC: 

Carts Blanche, LLC is the first to market with the design and manufacturing of “VendaCarts” a revolutionary mobile automated trailer, designed to be equipped with any style vending/kiosks machines plus a combination of service units such as ATM’s, digital signage boards, TV’s, microwaves etc. The trailer operations: set-up, stocked and take-down can be handled by a single employee. Our company’s strategy is to sell our VendaCarts products to customers within the vending, concession, catering, arcade, marketing/promotional and ATM industries, to be used in thousands of new marketplaces: Outdoor Events, University Settings, Sports and Entertainment Facilities, Disaster Relief Areas, Construction/Building Sites, Military Installations, Food Deserts and Marketing/Promotional locations serving as a 24/7 self-serve retail store for an untapped reservoir of millions of customers.   


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Phone: 01-251-786-5852 

Website: www.cartsblanche.com 

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