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Food Trucks today are as popular as ever. They provide entrepreneurs the ability to begin an enjoyable and potentially lucrative business or operate as a mobile extension of a current restaurant.

Flexibility, speed, and efficiency are becoming an ever-present theme among consumer wants, and purchasing food is no exception. Consumers are looking to make instant requests and receive near instant results. How can food trucks continue to improve their services and offerings to meet typical consumer expectations?


Introducing VendaCarts! These mobile automated retail trailers are the perfect complement to the market of concessions and vending. VendaCarts mobile trailers are quickly becoming an obvious solution to increasing the customer experience through unmanned automated retail.

Through this article, we will be referencing the Mobile Convenience Store model of VendaCarts, which provides 6-7 vending machines on a single automated retail trailer.


Food Truck operators often work in tight spaces. A full kitchen along with the necessary storage needed for operation for items such as ice, drinks, and chips take up an incredible amount of space within such a small footprint. What’s more is that the operator needing to fetch and keep track of these products take time away from serving customers their requested meals.

With A Mobile Convenience Store, an operator can reclaim much of the room within a food truck previously needed for these smaller items, allowing more free-space within the truck, if desired, or room for additional equipment for an even larger operation.

BONUS: VendaCarts can even be configured with a concessions window and full-kitchen, allowing you to combine the benefits of a food cart with the convenience and service of having several automated retail machines on both sides of the trailer.


A food truck often requires several employees working at one time for a successful operation. Having 2, 3, and 4 employees at a time can truly be fun experience, but also create potentially more strain than there needs to be. A lack of room in the trailer can hamper your experience as an operator and miss opportunities to install other equipment, or utilize the free space.

The Mobile Convenience Store is designed for automated retail, meaning customers can purchase and receive products without assistance of an employee. With VendaCarts, you can add value to your Food Truck by creating additional room in the interior for a more efficient work experience or add equipment that allows you to produce more products, effectively.


Food Trucks can garner a lot of attention when placed in the right location at the right times. Potential customers can notice the menu and anticipate their order with excitement. The other side to their popularity is that people have options and are increasingly becoming less willing to wait on their purchases.

A food truck with a single concessions window serves customers one at a time and is also responsible for providing requests for lower-priority items such as drinks, chips, and other pre-packaged items.

VendaCarts to the rescue! Off-load these smaller tasks to the Mobile Convenience Store. Not only will Food Truck Operators be able to focus on their primary product, but customers can engage with the Mobile Convenience Store trailer while they wait for their order. This can significantly enhance your customers’ experience and help your food truck stand out from the others.


The popularity of Food Trucks and Mobile Kitchens are only going to continue increasing in the future. The only question is how these mobile food delivery mechanism are going to evolve with the needs of consumers.

VendaCarts has this all figured out and is ready to serve your business today! Whether you are looking to add a compliment to your current Mobile Kitchen or start from scratch with an automated retail business model, you can count on VendaCarts to provide you a trailer, customized to fit your specific business needs.



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