Carts Blanche, LLC Launches “VendArcades” Mobile Gaming Arcade

Mobile, AL - August 2nd, 2012 - “VendArcades” Mobile Gaming Trailers Broadens industry demographics while delivering fun and excitement to the masses. 


VendArcades” provides the best mobile multi-media video gaming environment available offering a world of opportunities to audiences waiting to be served at locations such as: Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Block Parties, Corporate Events, School Carnivals, Non-Profit Functions, Fundraisers, Team Building Events, Grand Openings/Open Houses, Media Events and Day Camps, Outdoor Specialty Events, Sports Venues. 


VendArcades design makes efficient use of valuable space combining up to nine built in pieces of arcade equipment; crane machines, video game or photo booths allowing for up to 17 players to interact and play at the same time while additional equipment such as ATM’s, LCD screens and digital signage can also be added for additional revenue streams. 


Once on location both sides of the VendArcades trailer are raised to create awnings, exposing the ready to operate self-serve gaming business. This business model allows daily business activities to be accomplished by a single person. 


Consider the benefits of owning a VendArcades business say’s Annette Nolan, CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC: start your business within 60 days, mobile real-estate, venue versatility, machine interchangeability. 


About Carts Blanche, LLC: 

Carts Blanche, LLC, is the leading designer and manufacturer of Mobile Automated Businesses. VendaCartsVendaMarts and VendArcades are the latest product releases. These kiosks combine the fast-turn, high-volume worlds of vending, concessions and arcade gaming with mobile real estate allowing the owner to capitalize on new markets and new customers at a higher rate of return, offering a fresh new approach to retailing.