Questions and Answers

Carts Blanche, LLC designs “VendaCarts”, the first to market 24/7 mobile automated retail store. Combining the fast-turn, high-volume world of automated retail with mobile real-estate offers unlimited venue versatility at thousands of outdoor specialty events, work sites, construction sites, disaster relief areas, military installations, neighborhoods, food deserts, rural areas and more with increased sales and increased profit margins. Annette Nolan, founder and CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC, guides the company in all business aspects incorporating knowledge in 18 industries to inform everything from design to manufacturing, marketing, sales, branding, communications, technology, shipping, and exporting. She has been involved in the self-serve industry for twenty years as a forward-thinking entrepreneur leading the industry in the manufacturing of “Robotic Vending Trailers”. VendaCarts automated trailers offer unlimited opportunities maximizing sales, elevating revenue, and moving automated retail into new venues with an untapped reservoir of customers and sales. VendaCarts out-performs the traditional concession trailers in the marketplace by offering high volume retailers a wider selection of products, multiple self-serve channels of sales, and a reduction in employee costs. Single person transport, set-up and take-down design combined with the unmanned automated operations of the business creates a competitive advantage that decreases operating costs by eliminating the need for additional employees.


Founder/CEO bio

Annette Antoine Nolan is the founder and CEO of Carts Blanche, LLC and designer and manufacturer of the first to market VendaCarts mobile automated retail stores. Nolan guides the company in all business aspects incorporating knowledge in 18 industries to inform everything from design to manufacturing, marketing, sales, branding, communications, technology, shipping, and exporting. She has been involved in the self-serve industry for twenty years as a forward-thinking entrepreneur leading the industry in the manufacturing of “Robotic Retail Trailers”. Maintaining knowledge of the competition through industry news, associations, trade shows and trends in markets; manufacturing, concession, vending, ATM banking, POS (Point of Sale), digital signage, disability market, ADA regulations, franchise, and food and beverage products has kept her ahead of the curve and looking forward to a new world wide open to mobile automated retail.


  1. What is the most important advantage of doing business with Carts Blanche? Carts Blanche is, in essence, selling a business not just a product. To fully support each new business venture, Carts Blanche has established ETC, Entrepreneurial Training and Consultation, a turnkey business resource division. ETC project managers systematically assist and guide customer’s through the design and development stages by offering qualified solutions and resources connected to automated equipment, ATM’s, digital signage/LCD screens, products, purchasing options, wholesalers, distributors, marketing opportunities, technology options and more in order to develop a business specific to the customer’s needs. The goal of ETC is to help our clients get into business quicker but without doing all the work for them. The project manager will follow the process from design to build including but not limited to, sales proposal, production schedule, training and will ensure the overall success of the VendaCarts trailer project. In addition, your project manager will be the single point of contact ensuring a smooth process and customer satisfaction.


  1. Are there any customers that I can speak to or that are in my proximity that I can visit to look at a VendaCarts trailer? We take pride in keeping our customers information confidential therefore the only trailer available viewing is located in Mobile, AL at a partner’s facility. We can plan for a visit.


  1. How are VendaCarts equipped? VendaCarts trailers are equipped using automated machines that sell convenience store products, souvenirs, food, and drinks etc. and delivered to customers where they live, work and play. VendaCarts 26’ kiosk has up to 34 revenue streams packaged within 190 square feet and can be operated 24/7/365 in an unattended environment. Take-down and set-up are fast and easy, requiring a single person


  1. Can I run a VendaCarts business from my home? Yes, there is no need for additional overhead; and office, warehouse, rent and utilities. You will need a space to house products with appropriate shelving, refrigeration, freezer etc. for storage. Check with Board of Health regulations in your area.


  1. What about licenses and permits? Businesses are required by federal, state, and local government to be in compliance with regulations, licenses and permits. Event coordinators are familiar with requirements at the events they manage. You can check out’s Business Licenses and Permit for Your New Business. We can help direct you to these entities as part of your market research.


  1. Do I need to comply with Health and Safety laws? These laws typically refer to food preparation such as food trucks and concession trailers however all vendable products are pre-packaged and don’t fit this mold. We advise our customers to contact their local Board of Health departments for specific use.


  1. Are there additional costs involved? Some locations charge rent based on the size of the trailer footprint while others might charge a percentage of sales. Each location is different so look into these fees.


  1. Where is your product niche? VendaCarts mobile automated stores bridge the gap between the vending, catering and concession industries reaping the benefits of vast untapped markets. The VendaCarts mobile kiosk wheels vending into multi-billion-dollar marketplaces providing new product offerings, faster service and significant profit potential. VendaCarts is convenience retailing at its finest.


  1. Is this a full or part time job? This is a business opportunity designed to fit into your life-style and help fulfill your personal and financial goals. There is extreme flexibility with VendaCarts business. You can run it as a full time business at work site locations; plant shut downs, university settings, parks or resorts or if you’re interested in a part time business then specialty event venues such as festivals, ball parks, rodeos, arts and craft shows or car races would be perfect locations.


  1. How flexible is the VendaCarts system? The VendaCarts business model is designed as a plug-n-play system offering the opportunity to reconfigure your trailer depending on location and customers served. EXAMPLE 1. Souvenir sales would be placed in ambient temperature vending machines (in this case preferably conveyor style). EXAMPLE 2. Food Sales can be vended from refrigerated, frozen and ambient temp. automated machines any type of prepackaged food items can be vended. EXAMPLE 3. Ticket Sales/Redemptions from ambient temp machines. EXAMPLE 4. Gaming Trailers, equipped with Video Arcade games, Photobooths, Crane machines etc. EXAMPLE 5. Branded/Themed (graphic wrapped) mobile stores for any retail sales imaginable. 6. Promotion/Marketing trailers with bell and whistles add for added attraction. The list goes on. 


  1. Can any brand of vending machines be used and swapped in and out? Yes, there is an industry standard on the size of the automated machines so changing machines as needed is doable.


  1. Can the VendaMarts only be used outdoors or would they be able to be used in a large indoor area such as an arena? Can they be plugged into the arena’s power system? The VendaMarts can be used inside a large arena and yes, they can be plugged into the arena's power system. The trailers cannot be used inside if a generator is being used but a power source is perfect.


  1. How reliable and durable are the VendaCarts such that they could be loaded up and transported repeatedly between different locations? Our VendaMarts trailers are built from the ground up, we do not use mass-produced cargo trailer specifications. The trailers and are customized specifically using high grade components that are designed to carry the weight of the machines, additional equipment and products.  Our "Standards" are considered upgrades by most of our competitors. VendaMarts are built for years of reliable use. All units are built to code; NFPA, NEC, ANSI, UPC, ICC, DOT and NSF.


  1. Is the trailers length the actual overall length of the trailer? No, the measurements are for the trailer body only, the tongue adds 5’ to the overall length of the trailer.


  1. Where is the generator located? Generators can be placed either on the tongue of the trailer with a security cage or located in the interior between the wheel wells. The generator cannot be located on the back of the trailer.


  1. What is the advantage of a V-nose or flat nose trailer? V-Nose allows the extra space for a slim line vending machine which would add revenue generating options.


  1. What about electrical power? All trailers come with 25’ shore cord and a 50’ shore cord is offered as an option at an additional price.


  1. Is there an additional price for 220 electrical? Yes, there is an additional charge for 220.


  1. Are the standard specs the same for US and European trailer’s? The difference is only in the electrical package.


  1. What size truck is needed to pull the trailer? A ¾ ton for 20’ and 1 ton for 24’ and 26’. You should anticipate pulling 14,000 lbs.


  1. Is every trailer built from the ground up? Yes, we build every trailer as a custom trailer from the ground up using heavy built products.


  1. Do you provide a drawing? Yes, once a decision is made to purchase drawings are provided.


  1. What is the total weight that the trailers can hold? Depending on the size of the trailer they can accommodate the weight of the combination vending machines and additional components.


  1. Are all trailers duel axels? Yes, all trailers have dual axels.


  1. Can the unit be lowered to the ground? Yes, we offer a lowering suspension system for an additional price? It is not necessary for the trailer to lower to access machines. 


  1. Is the trailer ADA compliant? It is our understanding that because the trailer is on wheels it does not have to meet the ADA building codes. The vending machines are easily accessible.


  1. Are corner jack’s manual or electric? The standard option is manual but we do offer electric or hydraulic at an additional price.


  1. Are roll up doors an option in place of awning doors? Yes, for an additional charge.


  1. Can I add custom exterior graphics to the VendaCarts? We have a graphic designer that can assist with thematic customization of both the vending machines, the exterior of the VendaCarts kiosk and Marques where applicable.


  1. Do you offer marquis signage for the top of trailer? Yes, we offer customized marquis as an option.


  1. How has security been addressed? The VendaCarts trailer closes up completely when not in use and has several standard security devices such as locks on the side awnings and rear door and the vending machines are bolted down. Other optional devices can be added such as security cameras, alarms, an anti-towable wheel lock and bars across the front of the vending machines if required. These matters are addressed to fit each customer’s needs.


  1. Can security cameras be added to trailer? Yes, as an option.


  1. Can additional lighting be added to trailers? Yes, we offer additional interior and exterior lighting as an option.


  1. How do I order a VendaCarts Trailer? Once you select the trailer that meets your needs, we begin the process. A sales Proposal will be sent for review and signing and then a Sales Contract will finalize the transaction. Once this process is complete, we require a down payment to begin the building of your new trailer with another deposit made mid-way through with remaining balance due before pick-up/delivery



  1. How long does it take to build a trailer? We deliver your VendaCarts turnkey business within 12 to 14 weeks from receipt of order and provided all decisions regarding the vending machines, ATM’s and/or digital signage etc. have been made within the first two weeks of construction. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas extend the length of time for completion.



  1. How much do the VendaCarts trailers cost? We have several sizes of trailers both Flat-nose and V-Nose version. We can send you pricing for the "Standard" trailer, and an “Options List” with pricing. We can design and build any additional components needed for your specific use.


  1. Is there a franchise fee for the VendaCarts turnkey business opportunity? No, there are no franchise fees or contracts connected with the VendaCarts turnkey package. These services are free under our ETC Entrepreneurial Training and Consultation customer service division.


  1. What are your payment options? We have multiple payment options available for our customers: Business Check, Certified Check, Money Orders and Wire Transfers. We offer financing through several financial agencies and SBA financing available as well. We require 50% down with 40% three weeks later and the remaining 10% when completed.


  1. Is financing available for the VendaCarts? Yes, we have a 3rd party financial partner that can assist with financing for the VendaCarts Business. Ask us about this program!


  1. Does Carts Blanche offer short term rental for a trial basis? Carts Blanche does not at this time offer short term trials of VendaCarts trailers. We build our trailers per customers request and do not have trailers available for this purpose. Plus due to the expense of delivery for such a large trailer it is cost prohibited. Carts Blanche trailers offer proven solutions that have been implemented internationally in companies large and small.


  1. Can I have the VendaCarts kiosk delivered? Yes, we will make arrangements for your unit to be delivered to you by a third-party shipping company. You will have to prepay for shipping and delivery. The fee will be calculated for you before unit is shipped. We can also make arrangements for you to pick up your kiosk at our manufacturing plant.


  1. Do you export VendaCarts? Yes, we can export our products and have an export department that can handle all your freight forwarding needs.


  1. Where are the VendaCarts manufactured? Our manufacturing partner is in Georgia. Our sophisticated fabrication techniques and advanced


  1. How many people are required to run the VendaCarts kiosk? A single person can operate the VendaCarts trailer: setting up, loading machines and taking down.


  1. Does your company assist in finding locations? No, we do not assist in location finding.


  1. What sort of maintenance needs to be performed on the trailers and how often? Routine monthly and bi-annually maintenance as found in the Owner's Manual and a Maintenance check list is provided.


  1. Do they come with a warranty? Yes, we have a very good warranty which is considered above standard in the marketplace. 5 Year Limited Structural Warranty, 3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Limited Electrical Warranty.


  1. Are there limitations that would cause the system to be inoperable in some weather conditions? Weather conditions are a concern for any vehicle and proper care should be given in extreme conditions however our trailers are built with high end components and should not be of major concern.


  1. When not in use, are there specific storage recommendations or is it fine to leave the system set up and powered down? The design of our trailers is such that the sides of the unit fold down when not in use protecting all the equipment within and secured with locking system in addition, anti-theft equipment can be added.


  1. How are the trailers registered/insured for transport? States require you to register a trailer within 30 days from the date of purchase. Laws regarding title and registration vary from state to state. Trailer Title and Registration Requirements: before registering a trailer, you will generally need to submit a signed title to verify your ownership. Alternately, you might be able to use a manufacturer’s statement of origin. You will also need to sign and submit an application for the license and title of the trailer, along with receipts of applicable property taxes. Finally, you will need to pay the registration fees. Commercial Vehicle Insurance: An essential coverage for food trucks and trailers is a commercial vehicle Insurance. You’ll also want to consider adding physical damage coverage to your policy to protect your vehicle and any permanently attached appliances and equipment. General Liability Insurance protects your food truck/trailer business against financial liabilities that result from accidents for which you’re legally liable. This can include a customer becoming ill from contaminated food or being burned by hot food. Progressive Insurance Co. has a good policy that covers Mobile food trucks/trailers, Lunch trucks, Catering trucks, Concession trucks, Vending trucks/trailers and Ice cream trucks.


  1. Is their training available for the components on the VendaCarts trailers? We will provide you with a training if you visit the manufacturing plant before completed trailer leaves plant or we can provide you with operational video tapes.


Vending Machines, ATM’s, TV’s, Digital Signage, LCD Screens, Condiment Stands

What type of vending machines can I use? There are hundreds of automatic merchandising machines to choose from: new, used and refurbished, as well as many styles and options such as spiral or conveyor systems. Cold and frozen machines are more expensive than ambient temperature models. You will want to have the smart technology: credit/debit card readers on all machines as this is the standard payment option. New vending machines run between $5,000.00 -$6,800.00 while used machine runs $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 and refurbished unit runs $3,000.00 - $4,000.00. The product selections range from food and beverage machines while these units that sell everything from food and beverage to electronics, postal supplies, toys and clothes. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the machines that fit your needs.


  1. What can be vended from VendaCarts mobile automated trailers? There are literally hundreds of different items and brands available for automated sales. The list is endless- everything from food and beverage items to non-food items such as financial services, live bait, t-shirts, baseball caps, sports memorabilia, C.D.’s, literature classics, umbrellas, soccer balls, Bibles, make-up, clothing, cars, real-estate and cellular phones. If it can be packaged it can be vended. There are vending machines that make all types of foods; spinning cotton candy while you wait, popping popcorn while you watch, delivering cooked hot dogs, preparing ice cream from scratch etc.


  1. Are there vending machines on both sides of the VendaCarts kiosk? Yes, vending machines run down both sides of the trailer plus a combination of ATM’s, Microwaves, Condiment Stands, TV’s, Digital Signage, and other Service Units can be added to the location above the wheel well area.


  1. Do perishables need to be removed during transport or does it have backup battery power such that they can be kept in during transport? Yes and NO -basically it depends on how far you are traveling and what type of automated machines you are using. We can go into this more when we talk with one another.


  1. What type of extra equipment can be included over wheel well areas? ATM’s, microwaves, smaller table top vending equipment, condiment stands and TV’s, Digital and LCD Signage.  This area can also be used for a concession window and/or storage.


  1. Are all machines equipped with technology? Not all machines come standard with technology but it can be added.


  1. Do all machines accept credit card? No but they the technology can be added.


  1. Are there companies that can add social media/marketing to the vending machines? Yes, we have a partnership with a technology company that can add social media to vending machines, ATM’s, and Digital Signage/LCD/TV Screens.


  1. What size vending machines can I use? The standard size vending machines can be placed on trailer.


  1. How secure are the machines? Machines are bolted to the floor and strapped to each other.


  1. Can I use any vending machine? The vending machines that are applicable have doors that pivot within themselves.


  1. Can I change the machines around? Yes, the reconfigurable design of the VendaCarts business model allows for the customization of the trailer with a plug-n-play system offering unlimited configurations and business models.


  1. How long does it take to fill each vending machine? The time varies depending on the amount of inventory in each machine however it takes an average of twenty-five minutes each


  1. How long does it take to set up or takedown the VendaCarts? Set-up and take down requires approximately 4 hrs. and can be managed by a single person: unlocking and opening awning/doors, connect to a power source, load vending machines and condiment stand if needed, start preplanned digital messaging and load ATM’s with cash. The work is easy and fun. Drive to your location set up, load product into machines and walk away until time to restock.


  1. How many vending machines are on board the VendaCarts unit? Depending on the size and style of VendaCarts (V-Nose version holds the additional machine the 18’ trailer holds 4-5, 20’ holds 6-7, the 24’ holds 8-9 and the 26’ holds 10-11.


  1. What will I do if my vending machines need repair? Vending machine manufacturers supply manuals, warranties and support with their equipment. You could also hire a service repair man.


  1. How many ATM’s can be placed on each unit? Four ATM’s can be located on the trailer (two per side). If you are interested in a VendaBanks trailer then space is available for more ATM’s.


  1. Is financing available for vending machines? Some vending machine manufacturers offer financing as does Firestone Financials.


  1. Is Equipment Training available before delivery? Vending machine training tapes are available from the machine manufacturers. Also distributors are usually available in your area to provide assistance.


What are the Technological Benefits?

VendaCarts are innovatively smart and technologically driven. The trailers design integrates five industries under one roof: Banking–ATM’s and credit card transactions, Vending-automated, Advertising-mobile billboards and digital signage, Trailer-mobility and Technology- network and Wi-Fi enabled, creating up to 34 distinct revenue streams of income on a 26’ trailer with operations being performed by a single person. The trailer itself can have a GPS tracking system added for trailer mapping.


Vending machines now offer many technology options that enhance point-of-sale merchandising. New additions such as touchscreens, video screens, cashless readers, calorie information and coupon dispensers. provide information, visual images and promotional offers. Operators use this technology to speed up productivity and for remote machine monitoring. Consumers enjoy the sensory buying experience that these new technologies provide which culminates to give shoppers a better buying experience. Vending sales increases by giving customers various cash, credit/debit card payment options.


What are the Different VendaCarts Business Models?

What are the different business opportunities that the VendaCarts could be used for? Business Models: VendaCarts, VendaMarts, VendArcades, VendaWorks, VendaBanks and VendaPromotions Trailers are designed to be reconfigurable which means that it is a plug-in-play business opportunity. Most automated equipment: vending, arcade and banking fits on board the mobile kiosk creating many different business models. The multi-purpose design allows you to sell various types of products: food and beverage, CD’s, DVD’s, t-shirts, shoes, make-up, electronics, postal supplies, toys, etc. and offer services. Mobile automated retail stores can be used in thousands of locations.  “VendaCarts” mobile robotic kiosk is designed to take vending to the masses at specialty outdoor events, universities, construction/building sites, shut downs, military installations, disaster relief areas etc. selling meals, snacks, and beverages and other non-perishable items.


“VendaMarts” is an innovatively smart and technologically driven traveling produce market. The kiosk design can be equipped with up to nine built-in refrigerated/frozen vending machines and a combination of technology units such as ATM’s, digital signage/LCD (optional) for full-service Convenience stores (C-store). Vending equipment is configured with remote monitoring systems for easier business management in real time, online. The kiosk system runs on line power and/or generators. Automated machines accept a combination of cash, credit and debit cards for convenient fast transaction. VendaMarts mobile automated stores deliver pre-packaged fresh produce, meats and seafood, nutritional food and beverage products to people located in remote locations “Food Deserts”. Eight self-serve automated refrigerated, frozen and ambient machines are a quick way to deliver fresh pre-packaged nutritional food and beverage products to more customers in a shorter time frame while offering customers quick convenience shopping in their local areas.

“VendArcades” is a mobile gaming arcade business that has any combination of equipment: video arcade machines, photo booths, crane machines and vending equipment. “VendArcades” Mobile Gaming Trailers broadens industry demographics while delivering fun and excitement to the masses. “VendArcades” provides the best mobile multi-media video gaming environment available offering a world of opportunities to audiences waiting to be served at locations such as: Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Block Parties, Corporate Events, School Carnivals, Non-Profit Functions, Fundraisers, Team Building Events, Grand Openings/Open Houses, Media Events and Day Camps, Outdoor Specialty Events, Sports Venues.

“VendaWorks” offers industrial vending solutions for even the toughest environments. Employees need easy and secure access to food, safety materials and tools of the job. VendaWorks “Mobile Automated Systems” roll into Shut Downs, Man Camps, Military Sites, Mining Camps, Nuclear Power Plants, Disaster Relief Areas, Oil Fields and Construction/Building sites delivering solutions.

“VendaBanks” mobile ATM trailers are equipped with thru-the-wall exterior type ATM’s. We can design and manufacture the trailers to meet your specific needs, any size or configuration. We offer drop-down chassis models that automatically lower the trailer to the ground for a building appearance. VendaBanks mobile trailers are ADA compliant for wheelchair access. ATM’s meet the needs of banking customers at thousands of locations: outdoor events, festivals, car and motor cycle rally’s, NASCAR events and more creating ATM Banking Satellites

“VendaPromotions” mobile automated marketing trailers are the latest concept for promotional events, tours, trade shows, and marketing campaigns, engaging targeted audiences while capturing multitudes of impressions. Reach and teach customers about your products in an efficient, self-contained promotional vehicle that covers more territory in less time. VendaPromotions marketing trailer allows the customer to engage and interact with brands and products through the sensory experience of self-serve automation which is the latest concept in experiential marketing. Be the first to market with this exciting and unique mobile exposition.



Who are potential customers for “VendaCarts”?

We have customers across various industries using VendaCarts for a variety of purposes including retail product sales, food and beverage, security technology, souvenirs, CBD products, beer sales etc.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative part time or full-time business will find our new and exciting mobile automated retail store a great opportunity for specialty events, construction sites and manufacturing locations.  VendaCarts create an opportunity for new marketing and revenue enhancements/generating more money in less time.

Veterans interested in starting a new business that is easy and fast to learn and which does not require a wide range of skills can get started within a short time frame.

Marketing/Promotional Companies who are looking for the latest concept for the marketing and promotion of products can engage audiences with new interactive robotic machines.    VendaPromotions is the solution for experiential marketing and branding campaigns.

Construction Companies can add VendaWorks to their locations for the catering of workers. Automated machines deliver food and beverage products faster than traditional catering trucks. The     automated machines can also vend tools, supplies and equipment need at jobsites.

Active Retirees interested in making a living while traveling to specialty events of interest will enjoy the ease of operating our kiosks and the profits earned.

Commercial Food Service Providers looking to broaden industry demographics by creating satellite venues on university campuses, sport/ entertainment facilities, parks/ resorts, construction sites etc. VendaCarts offers on-the-go service to their customers.  

Catering Companies who supply food in the hospitality industry, job sites and outdoor events can now offer a wider selection of foods and beverages by using our mobile food catering kiosk.

Persons with Disabilities are excellent candidates for the VendaCarts kiosk because of the adaptability; flexible hours, automated operation and easy maintenance.

Non-Profit Enterprises can use the relocatable kiosk for fundraising and can rent the units out for extra cash.

Vending Operators can expand their busines into new marketplaces serving larger numbers of people at work site installations, building/construction sites and shut downs.

Large Corporations can utilize the VendaCarts trailer in their marketing and branding promotions campaign for new product launches and media exposure in non-traditional locations.

Food Market Vendors can grow their business beyond traditional food markets by using the VendaCarts trailer to deliver fresh produce using automated retail to locations where people live, work and play.

What are the Benefit’s?


Self-Contained                                     Self-Serve                                         

Cashless Vending                                High Product Volume                                   

24/7/365                                               Fast-Turn Service                              

ATM – Bank                                       Single Person Operation                   

Rolling Bulletin Boards                       Automated Retail Sales                                

Interactive Marketing                         Multi-Purpose Applications               

Immersive Customer Experience         Unlimited Locations

Venue Versatility                                Unattended Sales                              

Remotely Managed                             Mobile Real-estate

Multiple Payment Options                  Immediate Return on Investment     

Connectivity, Smart Phone                  Large Variety of Products

Cashless Vending                               Non-Traditional Locations



Specialty Events                                 Manufacturing Plants

Universities                                         Military Installations

Refineries                                            Disaster Relief

Industrial Locations                            Shutdowns

Sporting Facilities                               Amusement Park

Construction Sites                               Rural Areas

Food Deserts                                       Musical Venues