“Delivering a New Vision for Automated Retail Kiosks”

History and Current Status

Carts Blanche, LLC. based in Mobile, Alabama, was founded in 1995 by Annette Antoine Nolan. Originally, Carts Blanche designed and manufactured wooden push carts and kiosks. Carts Blanche designs are based on the seven principles of universal design making their products user friendly, accessible, safe and flexible to operators in both the standard and disability markets. The company’s hallmark was a customized approach and attention to detail, unmatched by existing competitors, offering a different viewpoint of the carting industry. Through the late 1990’s, Carts Blanche’s sales grew and business relationships developed with major corporations such as Nestles, Disney, Radisson Hotels, Holiday Inn and Aramark along with a host of individuals from around the globe.

During this period, extensive market and product research continued within the cart, kiosk industry broadening into the concession, vending and catering arenas. Carts Blanche realized firsthand the weaknesses within these industries.
Numerous untapped market niches were uncovered, opening Carts Blanche and their customers to a host of new business opportunities.

In 2007 a new vision for the future was formulated. Through radical innovation and design Carts Blanche developed customized mobile automated commerce solutions for the concession, vending and catering industries.

The first international sales were made in 2012 to a vending company in Moscow, Russia while sales reps. and distributors for other countries are in place to expand sales globally.

“VendaCarts” is a revolutionary concept for mobile automated retail sales combining the fast-turn, high-volume worlds of vending, concessions and catering with mobile real estate allows the owner to capitalize on new markets and new customers at a higher rate of return. This unique product breathes new life, strong growth, and increased profitability into the vending, concession and catering marketplace.

The introduction of “VendaCarts” advances these industries to a new level of self service for their customers allowing daily business activities to be accomplished by one person while providing as many as up to twenty-three distinct profit centers on board each unit. This is convenience retailing at its finest.

Since its inception, Carts Blanche formulated the company’s philosophy: understanding consumer and industry needs. VendaCarts epitomizes this philosophy by keeping customers at the core when designing and delivering a unique, high profit turnkey mobile automated business.

Driven by a tradition of growth in design and a commitment to excellence, Carts Blanche, is defined by its unique, innovative and intelligent solutions for mobile merchandising, marketing and sales.

Mission Statement

“Aspiring to inspire” as our ideal, Carts Blanche seeks to establish itself as the innovator of a new generation of concession, vending and catering products and “inspiration” to a world of new entrepreneurs.

Vision Statement

Carts Blanche seeks to capture the concession, vending and catering industries through the introduction of revolutionary and innovative products and to become one of the leading vending equipment manufacturers internationally.