Who are potential customers for “VendaCarts”?

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative part time or full time business will find our new and exciting mobile automated retail store a great opportunity for specialty events, construction sites and manufacturing locations.
  • Veterans interested in starting a new businessthat is easy and fast to learn and which does not require a wide range of skills can get started within a short time frame.
  • Marketing/Promotional Companies who are looking for the latest concept for the marketing and promotion of products can engage audiences with new interactive robotic machines. VendaPromotions is the solution for experiential marketing and branding campaigns.
  • Construction Companies can add VendaWorks to their locations for the catering of workers. Automated machines deliver food and beverage products faster than traditional catering trucks. The automated machines can also vend tools, supplies and equipment need at jobsites.
  • Active Retirees interested in making a living while traveling to specialty events of interest will enjoy the ease of operating our kiosks and the profits earned.
  • Corporations can utilize the VendaCarts vehicle in their marketing and branding promotions campaign for new product launches and media exposure in non-traditional locations.
  • Commercial food service providers looking to broaden industry demographics by creating satellite venues on university campuses, sport/ entertainment facilities, parks/ resorts. VendaCarts offers on-the-go service to their customers.
  • Catering companies who supply food in the hospitality industry, job sites and outdoor events can now offer a wider selection of foods and beverages by using our mobile food catering kiosk.
  • Persons with Disabilities are excellent candidates for the VendaCarts kiosk because of the adaptability; flexible hours, automated operation and easy maintenance.
  • Non Profit Enterprises can use the relocatable kiosk for fundraising and can rent the units out for extra cash.
  • Vending Operators can expand their existing routes through work site installations at building/construction sites and shut downs with our units.

Where is your product niche?

Our mobile automated stores bridge the gap between the vending, catering and concession industries reaping the benefits of vast untapped markets. The VendaCarts mobile kiosk wheels vending into multi-billion dollar marketplaces providing new product offerings, faster service and significant profit potential. VendaCarts is convenience retailing at its finest.

What can be vended from your mobile automated trailer?

There are literally hundreds of different items and brands available for automated sales. The list is endless- everything from food and beverage items to non-food items such as financial services, live bait, t-shirts, baseball caps, sports memorabilia, C.D.’s, literature classics, umbrellas, soccer balls, Bibles, make-up, clothing, cars, real-estate and cellular phones. If it can be packaged it can be vended. There are vending machines that make all types of foods; spinning cotton candy while you wait, popping popcorn while you watch, delivering cooked hot dogs, preparing ice cream from scratch etc.

What about licenses and permits?

Businesses are required by federal, state, and local government to be in compliance with regulations. Event coordinators are also familiar with requirements at the events they manage.

Is this a full or part time job?

This is a business opportunity designed to fit into your life-style and help fulfill your personal and financial goals. There is extreme flexibility with VendaCarts business. You can run it as a full time business at work site locations; plant shut downs, university settings, parks or resorts or if you’re interested in a part time business then specialty event venues such as festivals, ball parks, rodeos, arts and craft shows or car races would be perfect locations.

What are your payment options?

1. We accept Wire Transfers
2. We offer financing through several financial agencies
3. SBA financing is available.

How do I order a VendaCarts Kiosk?

Once you select the kiosk that meets your needs we begin the process.
1. We require a 50% down payment to begin the building of your new kiosk.
2. Once completed the remaining balance will be due before pick-up/delivery.

How has security been addressed?

The VendaCarts trailer closes up completely when not in use and has several standard security devices such as Camlocks on the side awnings along with security bars and rear door and the vending machines are bolted down. Other optional devices can be added such as security cameras, alarms, an anti-towable wheel lock and bars across the front of the vending machines if required. We also offer the option of a removal tongue/hitch. These matters are addressed to fit each customer’s needs.

Can I have the VendaCarts kiosk delivered?

Yes, we will make arrangements for your unit to be delivered to you by a third party shipping company. You will have to prepay for shipping and delivery. The fee will be calculated for you before unit is shipped. We can also make arrangements for you to pick up your kiosk at our manufacturing site.

Do you export VendaCarts?

Yes, we can help you export our products and will be glad to give you suggestions of carriers that can handle all your freight forwarding needs.

What is the turnaround time once an order is placed?

We deliver your VendaCarts turnkey business within ten to fourteen from receipt of order/deposit and provided all decisions regarding the vending machines, ATM’s, digital signage etc. have been made within the first two weeks of construction. We work with you to honor your timeline. How many people are required to run the VendaCarts kiosk?The VendaCarts design allows daily business activities to be accomplished by one person while providing as many as up to eighteen distinct profit centers on board unit. How long does it take to set up or dismantle the trailer?The unit is completely automated for ease of use. A minimal time is required for set-up and take-down and can be managed by a single person.

How long does it take to fill each vending machine?

The time varies depending on the amount of inventory in each machine however it takes an average of twenty five minutes each when setting up at a new location. The trailer cannot be pulled with stock in vending machines. The warranty of the trailer and vending machines will be voided in the event that the vending machines are loaded during travel.

Is the work load strenuous?

The work is easy and fun. Drive to your location set up, load product into machines and walk away until time to restock.

How many vending machines can be placed on board the VendaCarts unit?

The 20’ flat nose trailer can hold 6 vending machines while the 24’ flat nose trailer has space for 8 vending machines and the 26′ flat nose trailer holds 10 machines. Please note that we sell the trailers only. We can assist you with locating distributors for vending equipment. A combination of ATM’s, micro waves, digital signage, TV screens, condiment stands, change machines and other service units can be added.

How many ATM’s can be placed on each unit?

Four ATM’s can be located above wheel well space on all our trailers. If you are interested in a VendaBanks trailer then space is available for more ATM’s.

What type of vehicle will be needed for towing?

The 18’ trailer can be towed using a half ton truck and the 24’ trailer requires a one ton dually truck.

Can vending machines be placed on both sides of the VendaCarts kiosk?

Yes, vending machines are housed on both sides of the trailer plus additional equipment can be located over each wheel well or you can have additional storage in the trailer instead of exterior space.

What type of vending equipment can be used on the VendaCarts trailer?

Today there are hundreds of automatic merchandising machines to choose from. The product selections range from food and beverage machines, arcade games, ATM’s, change makers and units that sell everything from food and beverage to electronics, postal supplies, toys and clothes. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the machines that fit your needs. Trailer can also be fitted for informational kiosk and marketing kiosk.

Is there a franchise fee for the VendaCarts turnkey business opportunity?

There are no franchise fees or contracts connected with the VendaCarts trailers.

Are there other business opportunities that the VendaCarts could be used for?

Business Models: VendaMarts, VendArcades, VendaBanks and VendaPromotions, VendaWorks

Trailers are designed to be reconfigurable which means that it is a plug-in-play business opportunity. Most automated equipment: vending, arcade and banking fits on board the mobile kiosk creating many different business models. The multi-purpose design allows you to sell various types of products: food and beverage, CD’s, DVD’s, t-shirts, shoes, make-up, electronics, postal supplies, toys, etc. Mobile automated retail stores can be used in thousands of locations. Pop-up retail is located in heavy footfall, targeted location for media attention and revenue generation.

“VendaCarts” mobile robotic kiosk is designed to take vending to the masses at specialty outdoor events, universities, construction/building sites, shut downs, military installations, disaster relief areas etc. selling meals, snacks, and beverages and other non-perishable items.
Vending Operators can choose to grow their businesses by looking into new marketplaces serving larger numbers of people.
Entrepreneurs will come to understand that mobile vending will differentiate them in the marketplace and create an opportunity for new marketing and revenue enhancements/generating more money in less time.
Large Corporations can utilize the VendaCarts trailer in their marketing and branding promotions for new product launches in non-traditional locations.
Commercial Food Service Providers can broaden industry demographics by creating satellite venues on university campuses, sports and entertainment facilities, parks and resorts and construction sites.
Food Market Vendors can grow their business beyond traditional food markets by using the VendaCarts trailer to deliver fresh produce to outlying locations.

“VendaMarts” mobile automated food markets deliver grocery store products to a multitude of areas. Self-serve automated refrigerated, frozen and ambient temperature machines are a quick way to deliver pre-packaged food and beverage options to more customers in a shorter time frame in local areas. The VendaMarts run on power or generators.

“VendArcades” is a mobile gaming arcade business that can hold a combination of equipment: video arcade machines, photo booths, crane machines and vending equipment. “VendArcades” Mobile Gaming Trailers broadens industry demographics while delivering fun and excitement to the masses. “VendArcades”provides the best mobile multi-media video gaming environment available offering a world of opportunities to audiences waiting to be served at locations such as: Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Block Parties, Corporate Events, School Carnivals, Non-Profit Functions, Fundraisers, Team Building Events, Grand Openings/Open Houses, Media Events and Day Camps, Outdoor Specialty Events, Sports Venues.

“VendaBanks” delivers ATM’s to the customers at thousands of locations: any outdoor event, construction sites and more. VendaBanks mobile trailers can be designed to meet your specific needs, any size or configuration and can be made ADA compliant. We also build modular/mobile buildings. 
VendaBanks mobile trailers are ADA compliant for wheelchair access.  ATM’s meet the needs of banking customers at thousands of locations: outdoor events, festivals, car and motor cycle rally’s, NASCAR events and more

“VendaPromotions” mobile automated marketing trailers are the latest concept for promotional events, tours, trade shows, and marketing campaigns, engaging targeted audiences while capturing multitudes of impressions. Reach and teach customers about your products in an efficient, self-contained promotional vehicle. VendaPromotions marketing trailer allows the customer to engage and interact with brands and products through the sensory experience of self-serve automation. Be the first to market with this exciting and unique experiential marketing concept!

“VendaWorks” mobile automated systems roll into Shut Downs, Man Camps, Military sites, Mining Camps, Nuclear Power Plants, Disaster Relief Areas and Construction and Building sites delivering safety materials, tools and food and beverages.